Leah Norman, Community Engagement Manager

Helplings–findhelp employees–are some of the most passionate, kind, and thoughtful people I’ve met. I want all Helplings to be treated with the same dignity we strive to provide those using our website, and collective action via the findhelp Solidarity Network is a step in that direction.

Danielle Nasr, Senior Policy Analyst

As a collective group, the workers at findhelp recently brainstormed and created a renewed set of core company values: Dignity, Ease, and Impact. I believe continued collective action, through a union, is the best way to help our company live out these values, internally and externally.

Keith Young, Software Engineer

I support a union at findhelp because I have been blessed with a rewarding and fulfilling career trajectory at findhelp and the greatest asset I have had available to me everyday for the last six years has been the colleagues I have had by my side. Curators make the most helpful listings when they’re able to seek input from one another. Product Support Engineers are most efficient when they can raise open issues to developers. Engineers make the best product when they can rubber duck with each other. And coworkers collaborate best when they can understand one another’s needs. The intelligent and compassionate people who are drawn to work at findhelp know this. With a union we can realize a better workplace for ourselves and our colleagues.

Sanam Tiffany, Curator

I am proud to be forming a union because I believe deeply in our mission of connecting people to the help they need (with dignity and ease) and know that collective action, organization, and unionization will help us better serve our seekers, customers, and clients while ensuring an equitable and rewarding work environment for all Helplings.

John Lednicky, Senior Software Engineer

I love the mission of findhelp. I’m not alone in this — our people here are the best. I think a union contract is the best way to formalize employee relations and open up a healthy and transparent line of communication between leadership and workers.

Matt Smith, Research Analyst

I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute to findhelp’s mission and work alongside so many talented and motivated colleagues. Having worked at findhelp for nearly 4 years, I’ve been able to see the company mature while it has reached millions of more seekers. I am proud to be forming a union at findhelp because our workers deserve a voice in deciding their working conditions. I am standing with my colleagues in working to create a more fair workplace that is simultaneously committed to the long term success of the company.

Kristen Neely, Business Intelligence Analyst

I’m excited for a union at findhelp because I care deeply for my fellow Helplings and the seekers we serve. In the entirety of my tech career, I have never worked with a more intelligent, empathic, and tenacious group of colleagues as I have at findhelp. As findhelp grows to becoming the leading social safety net for the country, it is crucial that we, the workers, have a seat at the table to ensure that we are afforded the same dignity and ease we afford our seekers. Onward in solidarity!

Fern Velez, Curator Specialist

I believe a union is the best easiest way to ensure each worker is treated with dignity. By standing together not only can we advocate for ourselves as a group, but we can advocate for the seekers we serve on our platform.

Drew Bradley, Software Engineer

I am standing with my colleagues because I believe in findhelp’s mission to connect seekers to the programs that serve them with dignity and ease, and I know we can accomplish that when we all have a voice!

Colleen Burns, Staff Data Engineer

I’m proud to work at findhelp because of our mission to put people first. I think that collaboration has been key to our ability to serve Seekers and that’s why I’m proud to be forming this union. As our company grows and widens our impact, it’s important that the people doing the work have a seat at the table in order to build an equitable, sustainable safety net for all.

Michael Lango, Staff Technical Solutions Engineer

Findhelp has paved the way for a better tomorrow by creating the largest database of social care services. Findhelp has set a great example by becoming a certified B corp and I’m excited to be a part of the findhelp Solidarity Network as we take it to the next level by building a union positive organization.

Tiffany Owens, Learning & Development Specialist

I was drawn to work at findhelp as it is a place where everyone who works here wants to help and provide care to others. Our union allows us to offer that same care to our colleagues, look out for our community, and support one another collectively.