What is a union?

A union is a group of coworkers with the ability to collectively bargain for their work conditions.

Why do we want a union at findhelp?

We are unionizing to ensure that findhelp becomes, and stays, a place where all team members have a living wage, competitive benefits, job security, and a respectful work culture.

Who can be in the findhelp Solidarity Network union?

Generally, anyone who is not a manager, supervisor of other employees, or confidential employee is part of the “bargaining unit” and can join a union! Other exceptions include contractors and non-US employees.

How do I get involved?

Reach out! We’d love to talk to you–fill out the form on the Contact Us page!

Also check out your Local 1010 the local Tech Workers Union!

How do we get a union at findhelp?

Are unionization efforts protected by the law?

  • YES, per the National Labor Relations Act you are guaranteed a right to form a union under this law.
  • It is illegal for any manager to retaliate against you for union affiliation (by, for example, changing your work hours).
  • It is illegal for any manager to ask you about your stance on the union, ask you how you will vote, or surveil conversations you have about the union.
  • Managers can hold mandatory meetings, give sudden raises or promotions to encourage Helplings to vote no, and encourage Helplings to vote no in general.
  • If, at any point, you feel like there is a violation of your right to organize, reach out to the Organizing Committee.